Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Forever to Come

Im still delighted every time I remember how our love story started. When After a month of chatting and emailing you decided to visit me, after few weeks you arrived in the Philippines to pursue your pure intentions and court me. After two days I gave my sweetest "YES" and kissed you first. LOL. After two weeks we parted, and after four months we see each other again and got engaged and started processing my papers going here. After two weeks you come home to your homeland again and after four months again we reunited and got approved from USCIS. After six months we got approved from USEM  in Manila and a month after I flew going here for us to finally live together for good.
September 12,2010 when I got in US, after one day, September 14, 2010, we got married in Las Vegas, Nevada. That was one of my happiest days. Now we already have our own small family. I am always thankful to God and feel blessed to have you and Calvin in my life. 

Five years of being together, four years of being married.. Time flies.. Still, I am looking forward to more years to celebrate with you.. Happy Anniversary my love!  And forever to come! I love you always!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Her Friendship Warms My Heart

I was so vulnerable that time. As I remember I was so shy and sensitive. Bullying is my constant companion from 1st grade to high school. I cry easily. But I make sure after that I smile again. I am a quiet type of person, the reason why I only have few friends. My childhood life wasn't as happy as the other, but every year of it have left a mark in my heart, that I still cherished until now. Most specially those person who become a part of it, become a buddy even in a short time.

I cant really remember now how did we first met. One thing I remember, she become my competitor in the 4th grade. There was a time that our teacher still needs to give us a special test just to know who will be on the top 3 in the class. She may be my opponent in the class but somehow she became my friend. We didn't argue about those things. We still smile and laugh even the other got the highest score. We still borrow stuff, and look forward for another day where we could share ideas in one particular assignments. I value her as a companion. Such a precious person.

Few weeks ago she found me in the social media (Facebook). She didn't know I was looking for her too, I was shocked when I saw her picture again, after 22 long years. Lots of things has changed between us, but everything flashed back in my mind when I saw her again. One thing that I was grateful too, she also found her soul mate overseas. Wishing her lots of love and luck, and praying that God continue to bless us wherever life may leads us. Her friendship warms my heart. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I am back!!!! Hugs!!!!!

Hey, here I am again, after almost two years I come back and ready to get my blog kikkin' again! Anyway's here is the link of the video of my lovely family, having our new addition, our son..


Have a very nice day. And May God's blessings be with us always!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Journey of My Pregnancy

Two Months - Having nausea, dizziness, and luck of energy to do my everyday activities in the house. Cravings for filipino foods. The normal things that I love to do before is what I hate now. I hate to smell things that I love to smell before, like garlic, boiling of rice, and popcorn and even my husbands armpit, LOL Have a sleepless nights sometimes. Tired and always sleepy.

Three Months - The nausea attack just once in a while, more dizziness, cravings for lots of food, eat more than usual and still have sleepless night and always sleepy in the afternoon.

Four Months - Allergy occurs, back aches, light headedness

Five Months - Back aches, lower abdominal pain, head aches.

Six months - Enjoying every single day, though my tummy is getting heavier and heavier.

Seven months - In this picture, I am really trying hard to find clothes that still fit yet  comfortable to me. I am too tired to go shopping for maternity clothes, but I am always whining about getting one. LOL
Eight months - I was rushed to the ER. I slipped and fall in my butt. Hysterically crying while calling my husband who's  that time doing grocery shopping. Went to the bathroom and looked at my underwear if there's blood, I felt relieved when I found none. They've done ultrasound and different test on me, Thank God everything was normal. But after that night I already got lots of contractions. The doctor advised me not to walk too far and stand too long. Feel nervous every time I feel pain coz I know its not time for him to go out yet. Praying hard, and holding on each day.
Eight months - Getting closer. Calvin is holding on because mommy wont let her go out yet. Everything seems going on the right track. Getting more excited too see our baby. Few more weeks and the waiting is over. Thank God for the guidance everyday.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Sweet Expectations

Its been nine months since we have decided to stop taking birth control and start working on having a baby. We were so excited. Planning a family makes our mind busy and our hearts full of joy.

Three weeks ago when I found out that the long wait is over. That morning, after having a weird dreams of my husband being childish and silly, I get up and go to the bathroom, but before peeing, at the corner of my eye saw the pregnancy test kit sitting in the cover, it was not my plan to take a pregnancy test but I did! I just cant believe that after I put down the PT kit at the corner of the tub two lines appeared in just a span of minutes. My eyes widened and hurriedly raise my shirt up and feel my tummy, "I am pregnant!" I uttered with a big grin.

That exact time I really don't know what to do. I called my husband right away who was at work. He was so happy to hear the good news. That day, our call and text messages was filled with i love you's.

As the day goes by, having some changes in my body makes me feel delighted. Having a supportive husband makes everything easy. Our journey to becoming a parent is starting already. And I will make sure cherish all the moments when..

- when we hugged so tight after the doctor's confirmed that its positive.
- when we first call ourselves mommy and daddy and giggles.
- when he first feel my tummy and give sweet kisses.
- when after so many months again, he open and close the passenger door for me, haha, missed those!
- when we go to the restaurant to get my cravings.
- when my tummy receives good morning and good night kisses from my husband.
- when every time I crave for something and my husband cant give it, he just stare at me with disappointment and gave my tummy a tender kisses.
- when I crave for something for lunch and crave for something else for dinner.
- when I just stare to the food and taste a little so that my husband will not get disappointed after bringing it from the place 5 miles away.
- when I first throw up early in the morning.
- when i started to feel dizzy and not feeling good.

Today, the little angel in my tummy turns two months already. I know going through this period of pregnancy is not gonna be easy. But like all moms out there who have gone through this, I will surpass it too and will try to enjoy every moment of it.

I truly thank God for giving me a chance to carry an angel and be one flesh and blood for nine months. Its a wonderful feeling. I prayed that He will take care of me as much as the baby every seconds of the day. This precious gift will be blessed with so much love every single day. Thank you dear Lord for granting our prayers. Its indeed a sweet expectations. :)