Saturday, June 23, 2012

God will make us stronger..

There's no such things as a perfect marriage, you'll gonna go through ups and downs, mood swings will irritate you, but always remember, with the power of Love and the guidance of God, you will surpass every negativity. Always look at your wife/husband like you first saw him/her, with a big grin of smile. Always treat her like you're still in the courting stage, where you always do everything just to make her smile, and always do surprises for him just to let him know that he is appreciated. The problems and circumstances will make your marriage stronger, will make you love him/her more each and every day of your life. Trust and understand each other as God always do, He trust us more again and again after understanding us from making mistakes over and over! .. Spread the love everyone! :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Have been thinking...

Hmm... I really don't know what to say, (laugh out loud). Actually I just visit my blog and browse a little. Its been a while since I checked my blog, and I'm happy of finding that there's still lots who follow it (salamat naman!). I've been thinking also. I've had a conversation with a good friend last night about something that I love to do but for some reason I stopped from doing it. She's been convincing me to do those things again and give my self another chance to fulfill what I really wanted to do since I was a child. I admit I am having a second thought already. I am having hard time doing such things already. I really wanted to do that again but my mindset is not capable of doing it no more, hahahaha! But maybe one day I'll go back again. Maybe one day I will find my innermost self again, who you can just leave in one corner with paper and pen and play with imaginations again. Who is excited to sleep and wake up with a beautiful dreams that ready to put on papers. Who is inspired to jot down every single sweet moments she sees just to use in future love story manuscript... Maybe one day I'm gonna fall in-love again... to my first love... writing.