Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Prince Charming Came

It's been a year now since I met him, through internet. I had no idea that time about chatting but when I met him I feel like I have to know all about computer, hahaha... He found me in, a site where you can post your profile and picture for some who are searching for a foreign partner. Nope! I am not searching for one that time, and I am not the one who post my profile and picture. It was my sister, who, was so frustrated to have one. But finding no luck, she passed her frustrations to me by putting my face and info in that site. Luckily, many responded, but as a picky person I only replied for a few, and one of them is my prince charming.

After a month of emailing, and chatting, he finally decided to have some visit in the Philippines to finally meet me in person. I am happy and at the same time nervous too knowing that it will be my first time to meet an american. I admit I've been hooked up to him a few weeks before he arrived here, but we had an agreement that we have to know each other first in person before jumping into a bf/gf relationship which is one of the things i admired him.

It was June 19, 2009, 2:00 PM, when he arrived here in the Philippines at the NAIA Terminal 2 airport. I know he was so nervous that time because its his first time to visit my country, but he didn't know I was more nervous than him. Yeah, that's the reason why we end up waiting at the wrong side of the airport, hehehe. My sister accompanied me to pick him up there because its my first time too to get there. When I heard the voice announcing that PR101 from Honolulu Hawaii has arrived, I felt like I was gonna faint. This is it. Bahala na si Batman, este si Lord pala...hehehe.

The funny thing happened is, instead of us approached him, he was the one who approached us. While going in the waiting area, we didn't know that he was there already and start looking at the girl who's wearing a stripe brown blouse. Yeah, we told each other what our shirt look like to identify one another. And it really helps, because he identified me without seeing my face yet. Good thing, nobody wears the same shirt I wore, haha...I didn't remember anymore if he called my name that time, but as soon as we saw each other, we hugged. As I remember, my world stopped from moving at that very moment of my life... :)

After that, I introduced him to my sister, and start to find taxi going to the hotel (Copa Cabana Hotel in Pasay), which will be his home while having his vacation here. And I admit, the first and second day of being together, i had my nose bleed, hahaha... I really had a hard time talking with him. And it was proven, that smile is the universal language, because we just smiled at each other most of the time... hahaha.

June 22, while watching tv, and having our conversation, the feeling of being with him, happy and comfortable, lingers on me. That maybe the reason I entertained the thoughts of kissing him, and yes... I did. And until now I just cant believe I did the first move to my prince charming ;)... hahaha... And I still laugh whenever I remember he said to me after that kiss. "I thought I wouldn't have a gf yet after this visit!". :)

His stay lasted only for two weeks. But we did enjoy. We went to different places here in Manila, he loves parks, monuments and historic places. We went to Baguio with my sis and mom. And that was the first time we stay in one room. Roaming around in Baguio was fun, specially that was our first time to get there, and specially with your loved ones.

On the day of his departure, it was morning when i started to feel not fine. I had an upset tummy when I woke up that day. Since we have to be there three hours before his departure time, after taking breakfast, I get ready by taking shower first. And I was shocked when I noticed a small but lots and itchy red thing scattered in my body. Lately I realized I had an allergy from shrimp that we ate last night when we decided to have a dinner with my family in our hotel room. I called my sister from home to come to the hotel and bring me some medicine. But the reactions of that allergy fastly covered my face and my body, even make my eyes red. He got panicked and decided to wait for my sister in the lobby. As soon as my sister got there, I took that medicine. But it didn't help so soon. As we were going out to the hotel room, i got dizzy and vomited. I felt so embarrass, but I still thank God for my sis who is there to assist Jeramie because I really cant go to drop him by to the airport. To make the story short, he went alone to the airport. I feel sad, we didn't even had our goodbye kisses. He just hugged me while I was in the girls comfort room being dizzy and smells yucky for so much vomiting.

That was the sad part of his first visit. I even had a thought that what if he got turned off about what happened. But if you are really destined to each other, no matter what happened he will still stick with you and love you unconditionally. Now, whenever we reminisce about it, we just laugh...

I thank God for him. He really knows whats my heart desire. Its true, indeed, that if we pray harder, he will grant our prayers no matter what it is. We just have to believe in him and have faith.

I thank Him for making me meet my Prince Charming. :)