Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let your bedroom be the sanctuary for your love

For love to flourish,
it needs a special place
where its not competing
for time and space.

It may feel extreme
to consider it hallowed ground,
but if your bedroom is not
the sanctuary for your love,
then where else is?

Your bedroom is the one room in your house that deserves the certain respect because it bears silent witness to and shelters your love.

If you love all the mystery from within those four walls, you'll be weakening the fabric of the bond you're trying to build.

If the door is never shut, or if it doubles as a work room, children's playroom, exercise area, TV viewing place, or snack bar, how can opportunities arise for spontaneous signs of affection?

Try to think of your bedroom as a garden, and put up a fence to protect your little seedlings of love and give them a better chance to grow.

If space limitations leave you no choice but to have your bedroom double as something else, then at least put some time limits on these activities. Remember, cuddling is just as important as paying bills, and far superior to watching the evening news.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Look your partner in the eyes

Maybe that's how it began.
You were across the room
and your eyes met.

Soon you communicated with words
and with your bodies,
but it was your eyes that made
the first contact.

Eye contact is vital in every relationship. When spoken into space, the words "I love you" lose half their meaning-- maybe even all of it. (Unless you're on the phone, of course.) Its when you say words while looking into your lovers eyes that they mean the most.

Your eyes can express feelings that words cannot. When your eyes say "I missed you," "I adore you," "I'm angry with you," or "I trust you," your partner knows how your really feel with or without words. And when you use your eyes with your words, they add an emphasis that cant be missed.

So try to spent time each day looking to each other's eyes. You'll be expressing yourselves in a way that words cannot duplicate.

If your partner cant look you in the eyes, there's another type of message being communicated. Don't ignore such a sign, but try to get to the bottom of it. The earlier you spot trouble in a relationship and make repairs, the easier it will be.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Make sure your words and actions are in sync

Sometimes words get in the way.
Sometimes they don't say enough.
Sometimes they get stuck in the back of your throat.
But just because your tongue is tied
doesn't mean you're cut off from each other.

Its really great to say those magical three words, "I love you," but there are many ways to let your loved one know how you feel.

You can say an awful lot with a look, a touch, a smile, a frown, a thoughtful gesture, a shrug, a favorite meal, a changed diaper, a silently paid bill, a remembered anniversary, or a bouquet of flowers.

You can also communicate negative thoughts in these silent ways, like leaving your dirty socks on the floor or not calling to say you'll be home late. Sometimes such thoughtlessness is only carelessness, though even then there's an unspoken message.

So let your loved know how you feel, whats in your heart, and whats in your mind... in words and in gestures.

If you're careful how you choose your words, be just as careful in the gestures that you make. Just because nobody hears the tree falling in your forest of love, the effect of the thud will still be felt.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Really mean it when you say "I love you"

As the song said, love is all around us.
But while there may be hearts beating out their tunes
of love all around you,
deciphering the rhythms can be oh-so difficult.
And nothing makes us quite so tongue-tied
as putting our feelings into words.

Emotions are meant to be felt,
heartstrings to be tugged,
shoulders to be caressed,
lips to be kissed.
Our brains, our personal computers,
can process just so much.
So when feelings are running high,
be careful that the words don't get in the way.

One stumbling block to communicating love is that the very word "love" has so many meanings. Saying "I love you" to your partner is a world apart from announcing "I love Rocky Road" at the ice cream parlor. Your heart strings are not pulled the same way by your lover as they are by your children. The love you feel from one of your children is unlike the love you feel from another one of your children or for your grandchild. And then there's a love of God, of country, and of thy neighbor.

With such a cloud of meanings surrounding this small word, its no wonder that making our feelings known can be such a difficult task.

One way to make the word "love" stand for romantic love is to qualify it with a two-letter word: "in." When you say you're "in love" with someone, it means more than simply saying you love them. So if you really want to be clear to your partner, every once in a while, tell them or write to them that you're "in love" with them.
You could even say "I'm so in love with you." That two letter qualifier will mean a lot to them.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Swallow your pride and say sorry!

Admit it, its the one of the hardest thing to do. Maybe your mind is telling you to say it but its just so hard to mention it, and even you've finally mention it, its still hard to admit it, that... yeah, you're sorry, that you're wrong, and that your immaturity attacked you once again... Its really hard to swallow your pride...

Me and my husband had a little discussions about something that he bought today. I'm expecting that it'll be nice looking, but it annoys me how it looked like when we picked it up. I get disappointed a little because he still bought it even though I really don't like it. From the 20 minutes of ignoring him, finally he started to ask whats happening in me when we arrived at the house(that's me, whenever I'm mad I just want to be silent, well that's better than to nag I think.) He started to say every positive reason why he decided to bought it, and that time I just don't want to listen. But suddenly I realize, after I utter the prayer for the meal that night, that, why am I acting like this? I should be thankful and happy that finally we had this stuff after waiting and praying for it. I should be thanking God for this blessings that even though its not really good looking its a big help for the both of us. I felt ashamed to myself, and started to whisper to God that "I'm sorry". I've been childish again for wanting a beautiful toy even though it will not gonna give you or help you in so many ways. There, I talk to my husband again, embrace him and kiss him and say sorry. I hate it when immaturity sneaks up on me sometimes.

Sometimes you have to swallow your pride for everything to get better. Even if its too hard to accept your fault and it hurts. When you feel like you're wrong there's no reason to hold on to it. Saying sorry makes your feel at ease and meaning it means lots specially to the one who loves you and willing to give everything just for your own sake.

Oh God, make me a person you wanted me to be. Let me see things the way you wanted me to see. I'm not perfect, but at least I'm trying to be good as I can be... Give me your wisdom, your mercy, and blessings with each and every passing day, the guidance we needed and you alone to stay...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

When your mate wants to talk do you listen?

When your mate wants to talk do you listen? Listening is one of the most important thing in building a good and last relationship. Whatever your partner wants to say something, even if its just a story telling about sports, news, or about his/her work experience for that day or just a none sense talk, its important that you extend your ear to him/her and listen. Listening means giving your attention to others even the topic is interesting or not. I'm sure you will get annoyed too if you talk and talk while no one's listen.

My husband and I have a good communication and listening skills. Whenever he got home from work, I always asked him, how is he and how's his day? Then he start to talk and I just listen. Sometimes the answer is just brief but the important thing is you listen. Often times, before we sleep, while laying down to bed, we make a conversations about everything. A laugh and exchanging ideas are a proof that you both listening and enjoying it. It is mostly needed to avoid misunderstanding that leads to quarrels and sometimes ends to a broken relationship.

Listening is not just important when somebody is saying a happy thoughts. It is more important when you listen to someone who is under a difficulty. That way you can share whats in your mind, that could help them on their dilemma.

There are saying that, "Being a talker doesn't mean you are a clever. An intelligent person do lots of listening than talking."

Our God listen and always willing to listen whatever you want to tell Him or wherever you wanted to say it. The reason why there's an answered prayer because He hears it, He listen. The same thing He wanted us to do. Listen! :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


When a friend decided to go back in the Philippines from working abroad, everybody was astonished. Everyone knows that she's been out of the country for only two months, she has a good employer in Singapore, and she has a very good salary. What went wrong? Why did she preferred to go back and stay to her own family though they are still struggling from deep poverty?

"I missed my family!" I still cant forget the way she said that, no doubts, no regrets at all.

Homesick defines for acutely longing for one's family or home... For sure that's what she meant. And I think I'm struggling with that feeling too at this moment...

When I decided to went here (USA) I know I'm gonna miss my family, my home. Actually I am ready to face it, but I didn't know it'll gonna be this kind of pain, I miss them terribly...

For many years of existing, this is my first time to be apart from them (as in million miles apart). Maybe that's the reason why until now, I'm still not get used of it. Living in a quiet place right now is far from the place where I used to live for 28 years. Its peaceful yet it seems more disrupting. The stillness sometimes makes you go insane! Plus being different from the way you look (color of hair and skin), and you talk, sometimes frustrating. Yeah I am an alien in the place where I prefer to be with the man I hooked up.

Its not that I have regrets of getting here. First of all no one's provoke me to went here, just my own self. Its my own will to be with the man I truly love and its a pleasure to be with him forever. My husband is a gift from heaven, and he loves me as much as I love him, he cares as much as I care, and he feel the way I feel. He always makes me smile and laugh... He is a truly blessing... But we must admit, the happiness that your husband can give is different from the happiness that your family could give. Maybe it has the same amount but its different, its just different... I just wish we could live this life together, more closer, I bet it would be more joyful and pleasant.

"God, make me a stronger person as you want me to be. Make me appreciate more every little things that you gave me. Be with me always and hold my hands as I tread the winding road of life. May you guide and bless me always and forever!"... I've uttered this simple prayers as I stopped and closed my eyes...

I realize God never failed to planned your own happiness. We have to celebrate life with gratefulness because even we're all far apart , there is the Lord who is there to cheer you up and become your family.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Do I have to be somebody to be cool?

I am a person who easily appreciate how beautiful and kind a person is. I am a person who could easily get along even if you are a Richy rich, in a middle class or none of the two. I love fashion and even I don't afford all the latest fashion trends, I could make my own fashion statement, well maybe just not as cool as the others.

I appreciate how Lady Gaga do her style, weird but cool! Or Taylor Swift sweet and innocent look. They are all famous, and as I noticed even in shopping malls or in a small streets, if they saw you wears a cool clothes, or stuffs, lots people will like you, and some might wanted to be your friend... I admit I love making friends and would love to have lots of friends. But do I have to be like them to attract people? to be noticeable? Do I have to be somebody to be cool?

Hmm... I don't know, but one thing I'm certain, I love me, I love being myself!

As I remember, even in my youngest days, I never tried to be somebody. Becoming a fan of some people is good but I think trying to replicate them is unpleasant (respect to others who disagree!)... God made us in our own unique special way. You might wonder why your husband love you even if you're not very pretty and sexy, and even you look like "tindera sa palengke", hehehe... Most people judge you the way you look but I still believe if you take off your mask and let people see what you wanted them to see you, more and more people will appreciate you.

Don't try to live your life trying hard to become someone so that someone will love you back. In fact someone will love you back when you start loving your self. Indeed no one will love you forever just your own, because you alone could stay for yourself when everybody couldn't.

So start saying "I love me, cause Jesus loves me!". :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Being Married: A fruitful stage of life.

As I continue appreciating the beauty of life, I suddenly find my self smiling. Indeed, surrounding by people who loves you is so overwhelming...

Being married is not as easy as I expected. Especially when you marry a guy from different country, with different language, belief and culture. I admit we still have hard times sometimes adjusting some differences. He like doing things that I don't like and I love some things that he doesn't like. But in spite of all those things, we still love each other and find some things weird but cute. I realize, why focus on your differences when you also have lots of similarities?
I am almost four months married now, and as I always say, I am happy and contented. We just have a simple life, but we are rich in love for each other. And to tell you, we already have millions of sweet, simple moments that I appreciate and will always cherish while heading the road of married life.

... a sweet smile after a deep conversation always lifts up your mood.
... a hug and kisses after he found out that you're not feeling well.
... a gentle touch on your lap while he is busy driving.
... a laughter after we tried to sing and dance together even though we are not very good in it, hahaha!
... a wink and hidden tease on a public places.
... a knock on a window just for you to pay attention on him while mouthing the words "I love you".
... a quick kisses while we're on the road.
... an embraces while watching a movie on a couch.
... spending together washing the dishes.
... chatting at different computer while you two are at the same house.
... appreciating what I have cooked even though for me it doesn't  really taste good.
... a massage at night even though he's tired from work.
... a conversation with kisses and hugs before we sleep and before we get up in bed.
... the way he gently comb my hair.
... a shower together.
... a look as if you are the most sexiest woman in the world.

Those are just some of the things that keep us going everyday. Yes, life is hard, but you can make it easy and extravagant even in a simple way... I realize, being married is one fruitful stage of life.

The life that you had now is a choice that you've made. Its just a matter of accepting things the way it should be, and embracing all the ups and downs the future might brought you in your journey of life together. After all, God didn't give up and will never give up on you... Stay happy and inlove! :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thank You God for everything!

As I reminisce all the things that happened to me last year, theres no reason to frown at all. God Yahweh and papa Jesus has always been good and will always be good to me, I know, in the the coming days and future. He never bring me down, even though sometimes I lose my faith, they we're always there to bring it back and to make me realize that every single little things that happen to my life has its own exact reason. They love me even though I forgot to do things that I usually do (pray always, read the bible everyday, go to church every sunday). Even sometimes I failed Him, I know He still care and didn't let me go to my journey of life alone.
"Thank you God for everything!"
as I always say everyday, because I know He's just there, always ready in any way, any how, any where we need HIM...
I love you Lord God with all my heart and soul! <3

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