Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thank You God for everything!

As I reminisce all the things that happened to me last year, theres no reason to frown at all. God Yahweh and papa Jesus has always been good and will always be good to me, I know, in the the coming days and future. He never bring me down, even though sometimes I lose my faith, they we're always there to bring it back and to make me realize that every single little things that happen to my life has its own exact reason. They love me even though I forgot to do things that I usually do (pray always, read the bible everyday, go to church every sunday). Even sometimes I failed Him, I know He still care and didn't let me go to my journey of life alone.
"Thank you God for everything!"
as I always say everyday, because I know He's just there, always ready in any way, any how, any where we need HIM...
I love you Lord God with all my heart and soul! <3


  1. hello jha, this new post of you inspire me, i am struggling into a deep emotion right now, and i know i do failed GOD sometimes too, but he's still there for me no matter what, thank you for posting this blog it makes me cry for a moment and prayed. Continue writing in this blog, God Bless you and your husband always :)

  2. Oh... Yeah, failing God is part of our being inperfections, but still God is there willing to guide us through out the way!... Thanks Belle! God bless you and your journey to be with your fiance too! :)


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