Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Swallow your pride and say sorry!

Admit it, its the one of the hardest thing to do. Maybe your mind is telling you to say it but its just so hard to mention it, and even you've finally mention it, its still hard to admit it, that... yeah, you're sorry, that you're wrong, and that your immaturity attacked you once again... Its really hard to swallow your pride...

Me and my husband had a little discussions about something that he bought today. I'm expecting that it'll be nice looking, but it annoys me how it looked like when we picked it up. I get disappointed a little because he still bought it even though I really don't like it. From the 20 minutes of ignoring him, finally he started to ask whats happening in me when we arrived at the house(that's me, whenever I'm mad I just want to be silent, well that's better than to nag I think.) He started to say every positive reason why he decided to bought it, and that time I just don't want to listen. But suddenly I realize, after I utter the prayer for the meal that night, that, why am I acting like this? I should be thankful and happy that finally we had this stuff after waiting and praying for it. I should be thanking God for this blessings that even though its not really good looking its a big help for the both of us. I felt ashamed to myself, and started to whisper to God that "I'm sorry". I've been childish again for wanting a beautiful toy even though it will not gonna give you or help you in so many ways. There, I talk to my husband again, embrace him and kiss him and say sorry. I hate it when immaturity sneaks up on me sometimes.

Sometimes you have to swallow your pride for everything to get better. Even if its too hard to accept your fault and it hurts. When you feel like you're wrong there's no reason to hold on to it. Saying sorry makes your feel at ease and meaning it means lots specially to the one who loves you and willing to give everything just for your own sake.

Oh God, make me a person you wanted me to be. Let me see things the way you wanted me to see. I'm not perfect, but at least I'm trying to be good as I can be... Give me your wisdom, your mercy, and blessings with each and every passing day, the guidance we needed and you alone to stay...

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