Sunday, June 27, 2010

Timeline of my K1 Visa Processing

First exchanging emails, April 26, 2009
First met/ First visit, June 19, 2009
Second visit, November 1, 2009
Get engaged, November 2, 2009
Jeramie start to conduct papers, December 2009
Jeramie filed the papers in USA, January 2010
Received the letter from US Embassy, March 23, 2010
Medical schedule, May 19 - July 19 (passed!) Glory to the Highest!
Interview schedule - Sept. 10, 2010 (passed!) Thank You God soooooo much!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

One week of great happiness!

After he came back to Hawaii from visiting me the 2nd time around, we decided to finally start processing my papers which is the fiance K1 visa. That’s the best and the easiest way for me to get there to his country. The idea of living together and building our own family, excite us most. I can’t wait for everything, to meet his whole family, specially his mom, who had been so nice ever since we trade emails, I know she's nicer in person, I cant wait to finally meet them all. :)

We start do the researching in the internet and asked some friends who had been in that situations but because everything we've heard are all unfamiliar, we still didn’t know where to start and what to do first. While searching for an answer, Jeramie found a fellow who replied to his post from a website where everybody can put their comments and suggestions.

Dew had been in that situation too, he marry a Filipina and waited long to get his wife out from the Philippines. They started exchanging emails, and decided to meet each other since they are living in Hawaii too. Dew and Ivy explained everything to Jeramie, what to do, and the step by step processing of the papers. Later we knew that Dew and Ivy has their own dating web site and are truly extending help for those couples who really doesn’t know how to get their fiance to the US. We did what they said, and start to conduct all the papers we needed. I sent my birth certificate from NSO, NBI, and two 2x2 passport picture with a white background to Jeramie that will be included to the first batch of papers that he will going to file to the US Embassy. The second batch of papers sent after a month of approval.

While we are waiting for the paper to be forwarded here in the Philippines, he decided to make a visit again. We've been told that the processing will take long, so we thought that’s a brilliant idea. We really need to be together again because of the pressure, and most specially, we really miss each other. It’s really hard to be apart, we really need to take advantage of every moment given just for us to be together again. So we became busy planning again for his third visit. But because he had done lots of leave in his work, he is now allowed to have a visit for one week only. A short time for a far vacation, but enough for a longing heart.

His arrival in the Philippines was scheduled on March 16, 2010, at 5:15 PM, at NAIA terminal 1 via Hawaiian Airlines. I was a little nervous because that airport was not familiar with him. I’m sure he will get confused once he arrived. So I just handed my phone, in case he will call. NAIA Terminal 1 is way smaller than other international airport in Manila, and it’s crowded too, and somewhat confusing. They have two way exit. That made my head aches, plus the two hours delay. My mom who was with me that time, start to feel bored too. I was just praying that he arrived safe and I will be fine. After three hours of standing there, at last, I saw him. He made his exit on the right way with a confusing face, hahaha... I waved my hand for him to see me, and it was a relieved when we hugged and sneak a quick kiss.

Manila Eco Park was our first destinations after two days of just being lazy and just stayed at our hotel room in Malate (Pearl Garden Hotel). We go there with the kids and mom. We expected to enjoy at Manila Eco Park, with activities they served on their online addresses, but we failed. Yes, the kids enjoyed their bath on the pool, but most of the adult activities are not available already, the Butterfly garden are ruined, fishing and boat ride is not allowed anymore. I felt sad, I should have picked somewhere else to go, and I should have called them first to find it out, oh yeah, I remember calling them many times but no one answering the phone. I just couldn't stopped my self from thinking, why did they not preserved the park? Well, I still love the trees anyway, and hopefully when we came back we could enjoy the park better.

Next destination, The Corregidor Island. We’ve planned to go there since Jeramie decided to visit me the second time around. He loves historic places that’s why we put that in our priority list of places to visit. But unluckily, we failed to get their promo packages, its too late for us to get the three day stay, so just to glance the place, we’ve avail their one day tour, with my mom, sister and her friend.

Corregidor island is such an educational place. It is good for the people who loves history, and loves to see lots of gadgets from WWII. We really enjoyed it, from riding on the ferry boat (I almost get sick because of the big waves), riding on the tourist bus with the friendly tourist guide (thumbs up to them!), seeing nice views (love the lunch at sea side), old things, from money to utensils (my honey bought an old money to add his coin collection), canyons (that was the first time i saw big canyons), guns, ruined buildings (where late President Manuel Roxas stayed at the island), everything was awesome! We will surely go back there to witness the fantastic sunset and sunrise…

Few days after that, the day of his departure, we’ve finally received the letter of the US Embassy saying that anytime now, I can schedule my medical and interview. We are so happy to received it. That started my journey to get my fiancĂ© visa, I cant wait…. Specially to finally be with my honey, and start my whole life with him.

Thank you God for everything! :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

An All Souls Day Marriage Proposal!

Time flew fast! After four months of being apart, the emailing, chatting, sending snailmail, and calling on mobile seems not enough to fill the eagerness of being together again. We really misses each other so much, so from the day he went back to Hawaii, he started to save money again for his second visit. Haha... I think my prince charming had been hooked up with me already ;) This time, we've done so much preparations a month before he arrived in the Philippines. From the hotel, places to visit, rented car, and all the possible expenses. Oh well, actually he had done most of this preparations, specially to shop for our precious thing, our engagement ring.

It was Novemeber 1, 2009 when he arrived here in my beloved country, at the same airport and same time. Now, Im pretty sure that we are waiting in the right waiting area of the airport. I brought my mother with me, my sister and my niece to give him a warm welcome. Of course, we have the camera ready for that momentum.

A day before his departure in Hawaii, he told me that his arrival will be moved an hour late from his original schedule. So we expect that instead of 2:35, he will arrive at 3:35 PM. We've been there an hour before that but the waiting makes me really feel bored, specially my niece who was keep on asking, " What took Tito Jeramie so long Tita?" I just replied her a smile. I know soon he will be in my arms again, all i have to do is wait. Well, the waiting wont be too long now. I just make myself entertained by watching people who are so happy embracing their loved once after not seeing each other for so long. And like them, i couldn't removed the smile on my lips when i finally heard that the plane he was aboarding has came. My honey is here again!

It was really nice to feel his embrace again after four long months. We've planned to have a quick kiss but to think that mom is there, we didnt sneak one, hahaha! They are happy to see Jeramie's back again. After a little conversation and picture takings, we go straight to the car that we had rented to drop us at our hotel in Makati. Our room in BSA Mansion Hotel is a lot different from the picture that we've seen in the internet, so we're kinda dissappointed but we dont have choice, we've already done the reservation. Anyways we will just stay there for two days... Our first night was filled with lots of hugs and kisses :).

The following days are all planned already. November 2, all souls day, we went to cemetery to visit my fathers tomb. It was my promise to papa that I will bring the person who I want to be with for the rest of my life. Yeah, I asked for blessings, I know he is happy for me... There, with my mom, aunt, niece and nephew, we offered him a little prayer. It was afternoon that time, the sun is up and it hurts already so we decided to leave after an hour of staying there. Going back home, we didn't noticed that my nephew vomited inside the taxi, we just get to know about it later after they get off the cab. We've noticed that the driver get disappointed about it, so while we were on our way to our hotel, we decided that we will add a couple of hundred for the taxi rates. When we get there, and stop at the front of our hotel, I handed him four hundred pesos, two hundred for our taxi rates and another two hundred for the mess my nephew made. But the heck, he insisted, and want to ask more. He's saying that the cleaning is expensive now. I get disappointed, I know all, even the smallest things are expensive now but I doubted he will bring his car to shop to get cleaned because me myself can do it. I even volunteered to clean the mess because the floor is covered by a plastic mat, so eventually its easy to clean, just wash it with water and spray perfume, and its done. I keep arguing with the driver, i disagree about the 300 box that he want me to add from the first four hundred that i gave him. It was lots already, and I know that he was just taking advantage of Jeramie, who is being confused that time about whats happening. I really want to continue arguing but i think i will explode already, and to think that Jeramie is there
waiting and staring at me, i gave what he want, with the word "God bless you manong!".

We go straight to our room without saying anything. If you saw me that time, my face was like a scrambled paper, and I bet the painter wont say yes even I'll pay him a thousand dollar just to paint my face, haha! Even Jeramie couldn't find a words to start a conversation. He knows I'm mad. First I kept silent, and face him and say sorry about what happened, but i cant hide my feelings and couldn't resist to burst tears. Thats me whenever I'm mad and feel like i cant do anything, I just cry. For him not to see me crying, I went to the bedroom and lay down to the bed, but he follows, and hugged me. I tried to say anything and to explain everything, but I couldn't speak for my tears wont stop from falling, so I just cried while he was keep on saying that everything is just fine, and giving me a tender kiss in my forehead. After a minute of silence, I stood up and decided to went to the bathroom to wash my face and stop the drama. Without any idea, when i came back he was already wearing the weirdest smile in his face. I didn't noticed the black small box that he's holding in his other hand, as i remember he guided me until we get to the bedroom, He start to say something that i coudn't remember already because of the feeling of excitement. Is this the time that I've been waiting for? Is he going to propose now? Those questions answered by the time he kneel in front of me while gazing me into the eye and said, "I want you to be the mother of my children... Will you be my wife?" He then showed me the ring, and fitted in my ring finger... I felt like i got paralyzed that time for a second, I was shocked and don't know what to say. I was so overwhelmed, and my tears start to fall again, this time for happiness. I hugged him and whisper "YES,YES, YES". That was the one of the happiest day of my life. :)

After that day, we woke up early to prepare to checked out. Our destination is Tagaytay. Jeramie told me that he was really waiting that our engagement will be done to more nicer and special place like that, but things are more often happened out of our control. Its ok though, its just really nice to see our engagement ring on our finger. ;) That night, after he proposed, I asked him why he decided to propose so soon? Well, I already know, that visit is for our engagement, and I cant wait to have my ring. I just cant believed it happened so soon, at the 2nd day of his 2nd visit, and the exact all souls day. He laugh, and gave me the sweetest smile, then said, I never met a girl like you.... That followed with a sweet and gentle kisses. See how lucky I am??? :)

That visit of him gave us more time for each other. Its our first time to get there so everything was unfamiliar. We stayed in Days Hotel Tagaytay for four days. We get to visit different parks and the Taal volcano. We truly enjoyed everything. But when we came back to Manila, the hot temperature made him not feel well. He got sick, from two days staying in Raf Mansion hotel in Pasay (the worst hotel we've stayed in ) to finally found our official hotel in Malate (Pearl Garden Hotel), he didnt even felt good. I am so worried because his departure will be a couple of days to go, but in Gods help he get better before the day of his departure. And thanks to myself too, his registered nurse that time, ahaha..

I've lived in my whole life depending to my parents, and cant decide for something and do something without even their guidance. I guess, that time I become independent and teach my self to depend on my own for most of the time, most of the decisions. I guess I become a strong person when Jeramie came. He brings out the best in me. I guess its time for me to live not for them only, but for myself and for my future... my life with my american fiance... my love... my honey Jeramie.