Wednesday, February 22, 2012

STILL by Brian Mcnight

This song always reminds me of my first manu script that I've done for Precious Hearts Romance pocket book. The whole story was inspired of this song, where after many years of waiting to find the girl (Daphne) he still want her and love her.
Neo was a retired ramp model who wants to live life simpler from the glamorous life style. While Daphne from being one and only daughter of a business man, live and follow her dream to be a famous ramp model too the time when Neo wasn't a part of a prestigious world anymore. Their lives cross when Daphne visit a famous resort in Palawan where Neo was having a vacation too. That started their love story and how Daphne destined to find the guy who shows love and care the first time they've met.
STILL (A jacket and a letter) is a story I formed from my dreams. Where every night I am excited to sleep and think of beautiful things that turns to a wonderful fantasy, put those together pieces to pieces, to become a love story book. I am proud I made it! Thank you God for the gift of talent! :D

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine Drama

Its 10:35 PM at the clock in my car. I supposed to be in the house right now, having my late dinner while playing FB, taking a rest after a long tiring day at work. Saw the phone lighten up, it was ringing for the 4th time, my husband is calling me again. I know he's worried now but instead of answering it, I just hold it tightly, look up at the dark sky, then tears falls down again from my eyes, run through my cheeks, wiped it and whisper to God, "I'm sorry" and cried again.
There's just a few car in the parking lot, the silence of the night makes me feel sad more so I tune up the radio, love songs we're playing, so volume it down, I don't wanna go home yet, I just want to be alone for a while. Holding the steering wheel, with my face on my arm, facing the right side of the parking lot, a familiar person appears. You can tell on his face that he's so worried. He hurriedly open the passenger door of my car and get in. After a small talk and kisses I was convinced to finally go home... Its really hard when you're trying to be good with somebody and yet that somebody wont bother to give it back in return. You're trying hard to reach out to meet their expectation but all they see is your imperfections. I guess its time to move on. Pleasing everyone will be now out of my dictionary.
12:05, still up. Its been two nights already that I doesn't have enough sleep. Its been a stressful day for me. But I know I still have to be grateful, because I have this person with me who is always there on my ups and down. Who always willing to listen on my drama's in life. Laugh and accept my craziness, spoil me in everything and love me more than words can say. Thank you God for allowing me to meet this person, thank you for giving him to me, to love him and be with him for the rest of my life. I know there's still plenty of circumstances to come, but I am confident that I will surpass them all with him by my side.
God, thank you for unconditional and forever love to us. Hugs! :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Romance is more important than you may think

In order for the love to thrive, not just survive,
it needs a protective environment.
We call it romance,
and it is as necessary to love
as the air we breathe is to living.
Love cant exist in a vacuum.
It needs more than two individuals
staring blankly at each other.
For love to grow, the two people need to communicate.
The sounds, smell, sights, and touches
that are the main ingredients of love
must somehow be passed back and forth
between two lovers.
Romance is the medium
for this transferal.

Some people think romance is corny. It's not-- it's necessary. Others, especially some men, think romance is somehow demeaning. But being romantic doesn't make a man less of a man. It makes him more of one.
Love can be hard to put into words, but in the form of a bouquet of flowers, it can never be misunderstood. Love in the form of taking on some household chore can't be miscommunicated. Love that's is accompanied by the words "I'm sorry" will never be rejected. Love in the form of focusing your total attention on your partner for a few minutes or a few hours, even when there's something else you'd rather be doing, will speak volumes.

Some people are confused about romance and think it can be bought. While money may be able to help create a romantic atmosphere, romance itself doesn't ever have a price tag attached to it, nor can it be wrapped in a box from Tiffany's. It just needs to be a significant part of you: a thought, a block of time, a sympathetic ear, some warm arms, the pressure of a back rub, the flutter of a kiss. Love needs to nestle in the cocoon of romance. You don't need threads of gold or silver to weave your own safe haven for love. All that's required is a small part of yourself.