Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Her Friendship Warms My Heart

I was so vulnerable that time. As I remember I was so shy and sensitive. Bullying is my constant companion from 1st grade to high school. I cry easily. But I make sure after that I smile again. I am a quiet type of person, the reason why I only have few friends. My childhood life wasn't as happy as the other, but every year of it have left a mark in my heart, that I still cherished until now. Most specially those person who become a part of it, become a buddy even in a short time.

I cant really remember now how did we first met. One thing I remember, she become my competitor in the 4th grade. There was a time that our teacher still needs to give us a special test just to know who will be on the top 3 in the class. She may be my opponent in the class but somehow she became my friend. We didn't argue about those things. We still smile and laugh even the other got the highest score. We still borrow stuff, and look forward for another day where we could share ideas in one particular assignments. I value her as a companion. Such a precious person.

Few weeks ago she found me in the social media (Facebook). She didn't know I was looking for her too, I was shocked when I saw her picture again, after 22 long years. Lots of things has changed between us, but everything flashed back in my mind when I saw her again. One thing that I was grateful too, she also found her soul mate overseas. Wishing her lots of love and luck, and praying that God continue to bless us wherever life may leads us. Her friendship warms my heart. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I am back!!!! Hugs!!!!!

Hey, here I am again, after almost two years I come back and ready to get my blog kikkin' again! Anyway's here is the link of the video of my lovely family, having our new addition, our son..


Have a very nice day. And May God's blessings be with us always!