Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Journey of My Pregnancy

Two Months - Having nausea, dizziness, and luck of energy to do my everyday activities in the house. Cravings for filipino foods. The normal things that I love to do before is what I hate now. I hate to smell things that I love to smell before, like garlic, boiling of rice, and popcorn and even my husbands armpit, LOL Have a sleepless nights sometimes. Tired and always sleepy.

Three Months - The nausea attack just once in a while, more dizziness, cravings for lots of food, eat more than usual and still have sleepless night and always sleepy in the afternoon.

Four Months - Allergy occurs, back aches, light headedness

Five Months - Back aches, lower abdominal pain, head aches.

Six months - Enjoying every single day, though my tummy is getting heavier and heavier.

Seven months - In this picture, I am really trying hard to find clothes that still fit yet  comfortable to me. I am too tired to go shopping for maternity clothes, but I am always whining about getting one. LOL
Eight months - I was rushed to the ER. I slipped and fall in my butt. Hysterically crying while calling my husband who's  that time doing grocery shopping. Went to the bathroom and looked at my underwear if there's blood, I felt relieved when I found none. They've done ultrasound and different test on me, Thank God everything was normal. But after that night I already got lots of contractions. The doctor advised me not to walk too far and stand too long. Feel nervous every time I feel pain coz I know its not time for him to go out yet. Praying hard, and holding on each day.
Eight months - Getting closer. Calvin is holding on because mommy wont let her go out yet. Everything seems going on the right track. Getting more excited too see our baby. Few more weeks and the waiting is over. Thank God for the guidance everyday.

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