Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Forever to Come

Im still delighted every time I remember how our love story started. When After a month of chatting and emailing you decided to visit me, after few weeks you arrived in the Philippines to pursue your pure intentions and court me. After two days I gave my sweetest "YES" and kissed you first. LOL. After two weeks we parted, and after four months we see each other again and got engaged and started processing my papers going here. After two weeks you come home to your homeland again and after four months again we reunited and got approved from USCIS. After six months we got approved from USEM  in Manila and a month after I flew going here for us to finally live together for good.
September 12,2010 when I got in US, after one day, September 14, 2010, we got married in Las Vegas, Nevada. That was one of my happiest days. Now we already have our own small family. I am always thankful to God and feel blessed to have you and Calvin in my life. 

Five years of being together, four years of being married.. Time flies.. Still, I am looking forward to more years to celebrate with you.. Happy Anniversary my love!  And forever to come! I love you always!

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